Donald Trump is disappointed with the course of health insurance reform in the US

The bill proposed by the US President on the reform of the health insurance system did not have enough votes.

Donald Trump said that he was surprised and disappointed with the failure of the bill on the reform of the medical care system in the House of Representatives of the US Congress. Representatives of the conservative part of the Republican Party voted against the bill proposed by the President of the Republic, Deutsche Welle reports.

Trump said that although he does not consider his fellow party members as traitors, he still feels disappointed that he could not get a law that could be the best.

He also called on both parties of the American parliament to unite and create a real medical care system in the country.

We remind you that in January of this year, the US Senate passed a resolution to abolish the mandatory health insurance program, introduced into the office of President Barack Obama and received in his honor the unofficial name Obamacare.

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